A rewarding European Robotics League tournament, at PAL Robotics

Five teams from different European universities competed in Barcelona in a thrilling European Robotics League (ERL) Tournament hosted by PAL Robotics! Robots had to prove themselves useful in a Service environment, helping an old woman at home autonomously.

This is why PAL Robotics’ offices got quite transformed, adapting the space to recreate an apartment. Tests involved domestic tasks like following a person, understanding and obeying voice commands, accomplishing with specific orders or receiving guests at the house. 

ERL is a unique chance not only to test the robots, also to gain useful abilities as an engineer and know-how on teamwork. Ferran Martinez (IRI@ERL Team) stated that it “is a good opportunity to learn new skills that you don’t learn in your studies”.

This practical side is also appreciated by Juan Victores (Robotics Lab UC3M Team), who said that “the problem with robotics up to now is that all the fields have been studied separately. Challenges like ERL force us to focus our developments on integration. So you are bridging all the gaps that are classically missing in robotics”.

Four out of five teams used TIAGo to compete. Raphael Memmesheimer (HOMER@UniKoblenz Team) pointed out: “I’m impressed by the progress we’ve made in just one month with TIAGo. We received it one month ago and we are already able to grasp objects, to navigate properly, and I think that we can achieve much more in the future.”

ERL was one exciting way to celebrate the European Robotics Week. Organizing and hosting the Tournament was a pleasure for PAL Robotics!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aTajwf9U9c

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Mar, 19/12/2017 - 12:55